AMC: Where's Merle? Twitter Contest Winner Gets Undead Makeover

The hero zombie makeup is pretty decent, featuring sunken eye sockets and mild wounds since most zombies turn without being bitten thanks to the zombie gas in .

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SOV Horror Movies on DVD

SOV from the 70's and 80's on DVD

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EXQUISITE SUPER Series Daryl 1/12 scale action figure from 【The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon】now joins Hiya Toys.

Congrats To The Giveaway Contest Winner

Voted #2. Remote Control Zombie Toy. We recommend unleashing the undead. Not a horde or anything that could get out of control, but just a ...

How Did AMC's Flagship Show Suddenly Get So Good? - Grantland

Undead and Loving It: How Did AMC's Flagship Show Suddenly Get So Good? ... Rick still isn't winning any popularity contests, not among fans nor ...

Rooker, Michael (The Walking Dead) - Dread Central

It's gonna be fun to see how Merle develops. We already know he killed two zombies after losing his right hand and a lot of blood so he's one ...

Best Zombie Gifts Contest

'Best Zombie Gifts' Giveaway Contest. We all know that zombies were a pretty popular item in 2012. Many zombie fanatics received a zombie gift for Christmas ...

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AMC's Guest Services team, here to assist with any issues or questions! For movie news, contests & giveaways: @AMCTheatres ... #AMCInvestorConnect gets you AMC ...


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