The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah | Ka-Tet Playground

And remember that Detta Walker is meant to be 180 degree opposite from the cultured and educated Odetta Holmes. Her manner of speech would be rougher and ...

Making a Dark Tower gunslinger? - Giant in the Playground Forums

I'm using 3.5 (any book) to create a 3rd level gunslinger--one of the Gunslingers from Stephen King's epic series, the Dark Tower.

SOV Horror Movies on DVD

SOV from the 70's and 80's on DVD

Dark Tower Casting Picks | The SuperHeroHype Forums

So JJ Abrams is planning an adaption of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, so let's cast it. My choice cast: Roland- Daniel Day Lewis.

Preferred actor picks for each member of Roland's Ka-Tet? - Reddit

I'm curious who everyone would pick to play each member of Roland's Ka-Tet in a theoretical live action adaptation of The Dark Tower.

19-99 - so what? -

The Keystone Rose and Tower Keystone worlds ka's connected.. "It's his eyes, Roland thought. They were wide and terrible, the eyes of a dragon ...

The Dark Tower series filmed adaptation [Archive] - Page 22 - Palaver

... Ka-tet is poised to meet in the next movie...if we're lucky enough to ... Jack Sawyer still has a role to play in the story of the Dark Tower....

The Dark Tower | Tabletop Roleplaying Open - RPGnet Forums

The ka-tet (fate-linked group) of Roland and his companions make a deal with Blaine the Mono for a trip, as this will bring them closer to the ...

The horn of Eld (Spoiler Alert) | The Message Board

My thought: What if, thanks to Roland and his ka-tet the Tower is saved, Gan is saved, great. ... The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower. Quick ...

Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" Campaign

For those that aren't familiar with the story, it follows the adventures of a man called Roland on his quest for The Dark Tower. Roland is a ...

The Gunslinger - Homebrew Class based on the Dark Tower Series

The gunslinger can use this spell 3 times per day, and his casting stat for the purpose of this spell is wisdom. ... To me, 'Ka-tet' isn't Gunslinger-specific, ...

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