The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker
The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Birthday Cakes and Insanity

by Deepdarkred

As most of you know, or should know (I am frowning at the unaware ones right now) on April 6th we’re in for a big celebration. Michael Rooker is throwing a party to welcome his birthday. A new year, some cake, some booze, you know the drill.

And of course, we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to attend. So, since we’re really nice and incredibly empowered as site admin and writer respectively (also a little cheap), we decided to bestow upon Michael the honor to be a judge for his birthday! Yay! Now, bear with my insanity here and keep on reading.

After Michael will put on his robes (speaking of which, we really should provide him with some, maybe a wig too?) he will get the incredibly hard task of choosing one of you, yes YOU! as the winner in this awesome contest we’ll be running for his birthday.

This is what you have to do:

1. Create the best, most wicked piece of art you can – we’re talking paintings, drawings, Photoshop manipulations – related in some way to the concept of a Rooker birthday;

2. Convert it to a high-resolution file suitable for printing (CafePress recommends 10″ x 10″ @ 200 DPI (2000 pixels X 2000 pixels) ) and send it to this e-mail address before April 4th;

3. Keep your fingers and toes crossed (Disclaimer- the latter might cause grievous injuries when done while walking);

We’ll post the pictures on the website for the world to see and wonder.

4. Cheer with glee when you get picked out as the winner. know, weep with sadness that you lost (don’t worry, no one really loses, we’ll be putting up a Wall of Fame (or Shame) to showcase all of the designs we receive.

Michael will choose the best design from the bunch and the winner will get a T-shirt with said design and a picture of that design autographed by Michael Rooker.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Since we’re sure more than one of your artworks will steal our hearts we decided to allow our site visitors to vote for their favorite as well. The People’s Choice Award will go to the person whose design collects the highest number of votes. The People’s Choice Award winner will also get a picture of their design autographed by Michael Rooker.

It’s easy for all you artistic souls out there, so you guys shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever with it.

Um, are you still here? Shouldn’t you be out there creating the most earth shattering birthday design possible? GET TO WORK!

@just_linda ouch ;) I know I been slow….give me a hug