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“Don’t give up. You just gotta have a mental attitude of resilience you know? It’s that kind of career. You’re basically a freelance guy unless you get into a theatre group and you’re all working together doing theatre and you know your season coming up. I was always a freelance guy, I was never in a major theatre group with a bunch of other actors. I was always an individual going out there and hustling and getting the jobs. You gotta be tough man, you gotta be tough enough to still be sensitive enough to be able to do the work.”

Since his breakout performance in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Michael Rooker has appeared in over a hundred projects including Cliffhanger, Days of Thunder, JFK, Tombstone, and Mallrats. Today we are pleased to have Mr.Rooker with us to speak about his portrayal of Merle in AMC’s wildly popular series The Walking Dead and the upcoming soon to be wildly popular Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy!

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