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Eight Men Out is 25 years old



“Eight Men Out’’ gets somewhat lost in the shuffle when people recall the mid-to-late 1980s bounty of popular baseball movies, from “The Natural” to “Bull Durham” to “Field of Dreams” to “Major League.’’

But John Sayles’ film about the 1919 Black Sox scandal, a mostly serious work that featured fewer Hollywood touches than all of the above, deserves its place among them.

“Dude, we knew right away it was special,’’ Michael Rooker, who played first baseman Chick Gandil, said during a visit to New York to mark the film’s 25th anniversary and appear at this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con NY Experience. (The film was released Sept. 2, 1988.)

“This was something that gained momentum over the years and people see it as a classic . . . Man, oh, man, look at the cast. Think about all these guys and how many guys have gone on and done some amazing, great work.’’

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