The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker
The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Hypothermia: Scary Monsters

Spoiler alert!

Be warned, kids! If you don’t want to know what the monster from the upcoming flick Hypothermia looks like, you may just wanna pass over this story and move on to the next.

James Felix McKenney’s Hypothermia stars Michael Rooker, Blanche Baker, Greg Finley, Don Wood, Ben Forster and Amy Chang. Imagine Jaws under the ice, imagine terror at 20 degrees below freezing…

Hypothermia takes place in Maine in the dead of winter. Ray Pelletier and his wife, Helen, have been ice fishing the frozen expanse of Lake Noyade for over two decades, but this year something is different: no fish bite. Is it their new neighbors on the ice — Stevie, Jr. and his overbearing Dad — with their high-tech gear and over-sized rig that are driving the fish away? Or is it something else? The answer comes in an onslaught of ferocious attacks that unite the two families against a mysterious creature from under the ice.

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