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The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker Joins Showtime’s ‘The President Is Missing’ Pilot

Michael Rooker is set to star as a series regular in The President Is Missing, Showtime’s drama pilot based on the novel by President Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

From Deadline:

In The President Is Missing pilot, a powerless and politically aimless vice president James Martin ( David Oyelowo) unexpectedly becomes president halfway into his administration’s first term when President Jillian Stroud goes missing, despite his every wish to the contrary. He walks right into a secret, world-threatening crisis, both inside and outside the White House. Attacked by friends and enemies alike, with scandal and conspiracy swirling around him, he is confronted with a terrible choice: keep his head down, toe the party line and survive, or act on his stubborn, late-developing conscience and take a stand.

Rooker will play Greg Parkes, the Special Agent in Charge of the Vice Presidential Protection Detail. The impossible task of protecting Martin has proved more than a warrior like Parkes can bear.

Rooker just wrapped a leading role in The Suicide Squad and also completed production on Fast and Furious 9