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The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker relishes history of playing the bad guy


He has a history of playing chauvinistic, cruel and less than savory characters on screen. But actor Michael Rooker does not mind a little torment being doled out on him.

“It’s always a joy to be abused by (director) James Gunn,” Rooker says during a recent phone interview. “When a good friend decides to abuse me, I’m all for it.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy,” due out Aug. 1, re-teamed Rooker with Gunn, who directed the former in the 2006 sci-fi-horror-dark-comedy “Slither.” Rooker says portraying the alien Yondu required nearly four hours in the makeup chair.

“You could see the sweat coming out through the makeup and looking very natural,” Rooker says.

However, Yondu has yet to appear in any of the film’s promotional trailers. Rooker jokingly wonders if his character will even have screen time.

“My role, they’re holding it back just to surprise people. It must be amazing,” Rooker deadpans. “That’s what I keep telling myself in the back of my mind.”