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Red’s 8K WEAPON Launches With ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.’

In case you missed it, the Guardians sequel is going to be the first feature to utilize RED’s new 8K Vista Vision/Full-frame 35mm camera, a big change from the ALEXA XT used in the previous film.


Guardians Director James Gunn will be trying out this new camera for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which begins principal filming in Atlanta, GA early next month. The Marvel film will be the first movie ever shot on the camera.

When fans took to social media to question why the movie wouldn’t be shooting on film, Gunn explained his reasoning for this decision on his Facebook page:

RaccoonGunnFirstly, I believe when shooting on a format like the Red Weapon 8K or the Alexa 65, the amount of data is so massive – certainly more so than on a strip of film – that it gives you more freedom in production and post production to create exactly the film you want to create than actual film does. As anyone who has ever worked with me knows, I am a control freak. Such high resolution gives me the ability to control every single bit of data (to do so would take a long time, but at least the knowledge comforts me). Many filmmakers look to essentially replicate the look of film, but I don’t share that interest. I believe that innovations in camera and shooting technologies as well as visual and practical effects gives us the ability to create a new aesthetic of film, one different from what the past has offered but equally beautiful – perhaps even more so. I respect many of the filmmakers who continue to shoot on film – and some of the most gorgeous movies of 2015 have been in that format. But I think sometimes that the love of actual film is based in nostalgia more than it is in objective beauty. Many filmmakers remember the films of their youth and want to replicate that magic.
For me, I’m interested in being one of the many who help to create a new kind of magic that will usher the cinematic experience into the future. What will the children of today think of fondly with nostalgia?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in theaters on May 5, 2017.