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Rooker and Super Heroes

By Deepdarkred

Well, he’s not kicking the lead character’s butt  and replacing him as a freshly baked superhero in James Gunn’s latest film Super. No, he’s just getting a lot of attention for his participation in this film.

Quite a lot of people were particularly impressed by his character and wrote rave reviews about the movie and Michael alike.It seems that James Gunn hit the jack-pot with Super, considering that more people than not love it.

This is what Chris Bumbray from had to say about the movie:

“If KICK ASS was the big budget, ‘regular guy’ superhero satire, SUPER is the ultra low-budget indie flavored take on the genre. This feels like a throwback to Gunn’s days working for Troma films, and I mean that in a good way. Despite the vast difference in budgets, SUPER is just as creative and perhaps even more wickedly funny than that admittedly great flick

Old pros Michael Rooker, and Gregg Henry (love this guy) also pop up in solid supporting parts, although it has to be said, Henry’s rockin’ a pretty bad (perhaps intentionally so) hairpiece.” If you’re curious about what else he had to say, take a peek here.

Sounds pretty impressive, considering the comparison with Kick-Ass who is not what one might call a forgettable movie.I am partial to this review though:

“The market hasn’t exactly been hurting for backyard superheroes over the past year, what with the likes of “Kick-Ass” and “Defendor.”

But they’re lame imposters next to “Super,” a giddily over-the-top, super-entertaining goof on the Everyman crimefighter flick written and directed with evident relish by James Gunn.

While Bacon brings home the necessary sleaze, also amusing are Michael Rooker as his right-hand thug and Nathan Fillion as an evangelical TV crimefighter called The Holy Avenger.” You can find the whole article right here, courtesy of

Oh, this is one of my personal favourites as well, from (don’t try that at home, kids) Read the whole rave review article by clicking here.

“Superheroes have been deconstructed a lot lately–from Robert Downey’s more-playboy-than-avenger IRON MAN, to KICK ASS and Seth Rogen’s hilarious GREEN HORNET, but none do it with more pathos, humor and outright gore than James Gunn’s SUPER

The cast is great, Bacon makes his heel of a villain slightly sympathetic, Michael Rooker adds some unexpected dimensions into his henchman and Ellen Page steals the show as Boltie, doing far more with her character than she did with Kitty Pryde in X-MEN 3.”

Gore, pathos and a henchman with dimensions? (You show them Michael!) Already my kind of movie!

There are quite a lot more reviews mentioning how awesome this movie and its cast are, though our focus did fall a bit on Rooker – this is after all – only a few are shown here, but take a look below to a few more kind words about the film. Click on the links next to the quotes to read the full articles.

“You thought Kick Ass was dark?  Super makes it look like a Gene Kelley or Danny Kaye musical.  It’s wonderfully funny in the way that you laugh while you’re cringing.  It’s disturbing, and yet still full of humanity.”

“The violence, or dare I say the entertainment appeal of Super, is armed to the teeth with over-the-top shocking moments that might make you gasp before laughing out loud. Its violence is bloody and blunt, spurning from the most ridiculous situations, and sometimes refusing to have an off-switch.”

All signs point to the obvious, when Super hits theaters we must all be out there lining up to see it, who’s with me?