The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker
The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker


By Deepdarkred

Michael Rooker has been known to make movies that matter, rather than movies that mean nothing but manage to gather barrels of cash due to some pretty faced actress/actors.
SUPER has the potential to be one of those movies that matter.What is it about, you ask? Well, one day an ordinary man decides to put on a Superhero suit and fight crime with all his might because his wife fell into the alluring web of a drug dealer. Sounds like an interesting enough plot, doesn’t it?

Alas, we’ll have to wait a bit until the movie comes out on the big screens for us mere mortals. It comes out on April 1st, a rather well chosen moment, considering the date. But until then the stars of the movie are keeping busy promoting it left and right. James Gunn and Rainn Wilson have been busy little beavers at the SXSW this past weekend. South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival was the best environment for them to show off and tell us just why we need to watch SUPER as soon as it comes out. The fact that Michael Rooker is in it as Abe is just the cherry on top and probably the thing that put the movie on most of our radars. Yes, I am that shallow, I use actors I know and like as references to find good movies.

But back to the matter at hand – the movie had two screenings at the SXSW, one on Saturday and another one on Monday and the critics went wild with excitement. For a movie that hasn’t yet aired for the general public it’s getting some pretty good press. Tune in for more news about SUPER and Michael Rooker’s involvement in this project, we’ll do our best to keep you informed.