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Super fans in Chicago

By Deepdarkred

As we all known thanks to some well placed tweets and posts from our very own Michael Rooker, SUPER premiered in Chicago to a pack of Rookerholics (I am sure you know who you are) and to a lot of James Gunn fans who showed up to see a new take on the superhero approach.

After the Q&A that took badassery to a new level (then again it was Michael Rooker on stage, it was to be expected) and the movie screening, that had everyone happy as a button, I am itching to find out just how awesome the movie really is and how was it to be present to such an event.

We’ve received a lot of photos and videos from all of you, for which we are more than thankful, but we would like to know more about your experience at the premiere. And more importantly @shaygurl22 – how was it to hold Michael Rooker up in your arms? Since it took four girls to hold him up I am guessing he is quite a handful, no pun intended.

Back to serious business, would you lucky attendees share the experience with the rest of us? If so, please answer a few questions we’ve all been dying to know the answer too.

If Rooker were a tree, what tree would he be? Aaaand now back to more serious business (for real).

What was your favourite part of the Q&A?

Did you get to ask a question and more importantly did you get the answer you wanted?

How was the movie? Did it meet your expectations?

Of course, if you didn’t enjoy it, we’re happy to listen to your point of view as well, so please share it with us.

Did Michael Rooker do well in the film? (Yes, rhetorical, but still answer with your own impressions) What did you like about him in the movie? Did he steal every scene he was in? He seems to do that in every movie he is in. Was this different?

Feel free to go beyond our few questions, don’t let them hold your creativity at bay, just go wild and describe how you felt.

We’ve received info from the premiere from our Twitter friends @elysionfields @charlierohrer @kellybelly @gingerblaze @nickinix @vagrand6942 @shaygurl22, we will overstep the boundries of common sense and beg them to answer the above questions and help us get into the SUPER spirit.

If you were present at the premiere of SUPER please join their ranks and answer to us? That would be awesome!

First impressions from the ever helpful @shaygurl22:

She thoroughly enjoyed the movie and made me jealous for not being there when she said “the movie was GREAT !!!! Very dark and definately not for kids, thought the movie was AWESOME”. I would start wailing, but that is unbecoming. Of course she topped it all off by saying she had a great time. Note to self – tag along with shaygirl22 – she is fun!

She was kind enough to explain to us how exactly did Michael Rooker landed in the laps of three girls – this is the story (remember you’ve heard it here first)  “we waited outside smoking a cigarette after the premiere and Rooker went back to intro the following showing. When he came out front he was talking to the 4 of us still smoking, asking about the movie. Then the 3 girls (myself included) asked for a pic with him, he said hell yea and when deciding on a pose…he suggested we hold him up, we thought it was brilliant and did just that =).” Told you she was fun to be around.

But what does she think about Michael who would do such crazy poses? “He is such a sweet guy and such a NORMAL guy =)” Good to know!
“Rooker was such a cool cat =) and the gurl in the middle Michelle brought him some choco covered pretzels, he loved that =)”
Also good to know, need to bribe a Rooker? Buy him chocolate covered pretzels.

Thank you for sharing this with us @shaygurl22! And since you did us a great favour here is forever written in “stone”” Rooker also said he was coming to town in August and we should all go for shots =) Hope he remembers that =)P” There you have it, Michael, now you can’t back out!