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The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

ValhallaPics: Twitter Takeover 2013


Well, it happened. There were ShitYesses, yeahbabys and more as Michael hijacked Valhalla Entertainment’s Twitter account today. For those who don’t know, Gale Ann Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment is the muscle behind blockbuster films such as Armageddon, Aeon Flux, Marvel’s The Punisher,  Aliens and The Terminator, among many others.

But that’s not what today was all about.  The fans were out in force, Tweeting their questions for a rapidfire Twitter Q&A session. Here we have, in no particular order, a few of the highlights:


Q.  What’s up next for you now that Merle is no longer on The Walking Dead? -@marilymom3
A.  In the middle of shooting Guardians of the Galaxy in the UK, thank you for asking.

Q.  Would u ever consider doing DANCING WITH THE STARS? -@KUAngel
A.  Shit yeah, baby! As long as my dance partner is a retired Playboy model.

Q.  Were you always a con artist on TWD, or did you have an actual occupation before the Walker takeover? -@LisaStubbs3
A.  Yes I was a Baptist minister.

Q.  I think the walking dead can bring Merle back by having what Daryl saw be just a dream. What’s the chance of Michael returning? -@Nursefemme72
A.  They can’t afford me.

Q.  What shows do you like to watch? -@Dreaming_Insane
A.  Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Q.  Any secret talents? -@funkyfanatic
A.  Several times I’ve been able to catch grapes by throwing them up and catching them. Thank God I haven’t choked myself.

Q.  Has a movie ever made you misty-eyed? If so, which one? -@squeaky_hickey
A.  I’m a very sensitive person. I cry at a lot of things. Take your shirt off.

Q.  What was the most takes you did with the rooftop scene? Amazing stuff, can’t imagine how actors do it. You were great. -@cynsundance
A.  I like that you picked that scene out. It’s one of my favorite from The Walking Dead. It was a single take 4 times.

Q.  If you were given a role in the new Star Wars films, would you want to play a good guy or a bad guy? -@MonkJazzpan
A.  If I got a role in the new Star Wars movies I would not fucking care.

Q.  Have u ever driven a Yugo? No one else has. -@Eeekamouse
A.  ShitYes I have driven a Yugo. Right into the Chicago river. It’s still there, if you can find it it’s yours.

Q.  What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? -@ReGirl28
A.  Shut my pie hole.


You get the idea.  Check out Valhalla Entertainment’s Twitter feed for more!

A big Rooker SHIT YES and THANK YOU to all of the fans who participated and came up with so many great (and interesting) questions!

Thank you to ValhallaPics for not having Michael arrested…. Remember, you asked for it.