The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker
The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

At Tha Movies: Exclusive Interview with Michael Rooker

From Chris McCarron:

While I may be biased, I believe that this is one of the finest interviews that Michael Rooker has ever participated in.  I can’t recall him ever providing such an in-depth, funny and intriguing interview and I urge you to listen to it in its entirety…

Read the full interview here!

“There were six different levels of makeup and the first part is in a room with some other actors and we’re doing different prosthetic stuff and everything like that. The next part is the blueing and the painting of my face and my body and whatever has to be painting right? That takes the majority of the time, getting it absolutely right and I’m there pretty much all of the time. Unless I’m completely exhausted and I nod out and I did that a couple of times while they were doing it…”