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The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Inverse: Exclusive Interview

Rooker recently spoke with Inverse about his character, Savant, what elevates James Gunn’s directorial style and how their R-rated Suicide Squad differs from the more family-focused Guardians of the Galaxy.

While Rooker downplays any similarities between himself and Savant, he scatters pieces of himself throughout even his darkest roles.

“I’m not like Henry in Portrait of a Serial Killer, but I do have a quiet, intimate, introverted side,” Rooker says. “Savant is similar. You’re gonna be surprised because he’s not what you think he might be. I like that.”

“Savant is probably in for doing covert, ugly stuff. I have a feeling he’d work for whoever has the money. If it’s anti-establishment, fine. He’s got a talent: He sees a target and he hits it. He doesn’t take two minutes to aim. I have a feeling he used his talents in the wrong direction.” Read more