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The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Highlight Hollywood’s Interview With Michael Rooker – Merle’s Portrayer Speaks Out!



Michael took a break during this past weekend’s Monster Mania convention to sit down and have a chat with Yamileth Palacious from Highlight Hollywood. Even though she suffered a near-violent laughing attack, something that is all too common in the presence of The Rook, Highlight Hollywood now has this memorable interview to share with us all…

“We so enjoy seeing this extremely talented star, Michael Rooker play many characters in movies and on TV; from serial killer, race car driver, pilot to government agent. Once I spoke with him, I found that he has a very distinctive voice, which makes him the perfect tough guy.  But, deep down, he’s a very nice guy! Among all the characters that he has played over the years, there’s no one like his most recent one of Merle Dixon, the guy that we all love to hate on The Walking Dead, and can’t wait until Sunday nights to see what new antics he’s bringing and how much more politically incorrect he can be. I had the privilege of capping off my fun-filled and exciting weekend by interviewing none other than Michael Rooker, himself.  The veteran actor had just finished signing hundreds of autographs and taken pictures with his legion of fans, and wanted to just sit down and chill while conversing with us. So, when asked where did he prefer to do this interview, without hesitation he replied, outside!”

Read the full interview By Yamileth Palacios here!

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