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The Official Website for Actor Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker weighs in on #MoMerle, political correctness and southern stereotypes…

Michael Rooker, who plays Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead, joins fellow cast members Norman Reedus and Jon Bernthal at Wizard World Austin Comic Con. Before the show, Rooker told the Austin Post why The Walking Dead is really a feel-good show, why he loves acting in video games, and why audiences are so in love with Merle Dixon….

Austin Post: Merle Dixon is about as politically incorrect as possible. Why do you think he became such a cult favorite character?

Michael Rooker: Because we as a society are so politically correct. There’s a little backlash when that kind of stuff occurs. People live vicariously through these characters that show up on tv and film and stuff. They enjoy it, and it’s fun. And of course, it’s only pretend, it’s make believe, so people are willing to accept that kind of stuff more than in real life…

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